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PARANDIS: To Weave Love In Hearts

Do you have a wedding to go to tomorrow? Or are you simply having a bad hair day and the salons are shut again because of COVID? Among the plethora of ethinic Indian wear available at Heena Kochhar, Patiala Parandis are your knights in shining armor, in such situations

If you’ve ever dressed up for any of our beloved Indian festivals, you know what they are and how they add to the entire look. For those who haven’t (How’d you manage that?), think of them as hair extensions but more accessorized and elegant, not merely a clip to make your hair appear voluminous.

Kangan, Bindi, Jhumka, Nath, these are all accomplices to Indian wear. But for the longest time, what makes an outfit complete has been the Parandi, whether it be simple Kurtis or extravagant Lehengas.The exquisiter the better, the longer the better, the gold-er the better.


Punjabi women, always fond of dressing their hair, were hindered from showing it off, because of having to cover their head. So, the maharanis came up with the astute idea of covering the lower end of their plaits with rich coloured threads, ribbons, and pearls. Soon, this took the form of Parandis and spread among the masses.

The accessory is divided into two major parts. The upper part is made of cotton threads tied together, this is the section that attaches to the hair. The lower element, also known as the “flower”, is the main parandi. The “flower” at Heena Kochhar is made from recycling and reuse. The leftover laces, beads and pearls are pieced together carefully by the ladies at the factory into beautiful accessories that you get to adorn your hair with. The puzzling together part is done by simple tools: scissors, needles, and threads.


In Punjabi tradition, also known as a “Symbol of Love”, Parandis are given to the bride by her partner to be. Braided around her hair as a token of love. She dances wearing the item and mesmerizes the groom while weaving her love in his heart. 

A parandi, an accessory most gorgeous and worth investing in, with the power to upgrade any outfit.

Sanah Kochhar

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